MPA - Microstrip Planar Antennas
MPA   is a leading vendor of advanced antennas systems, based on the state of the art antennas technology.

MPA develops and delivers state of the art planar antennas systems based on Micro-strip, phased array and Electronic-switching Technologies for communications system.

MPA develops full satellite communications system for fixed and mobile applications
MPA`s excellent reputation is derived directly from the company performances and the long-term relationships with its customers and the projects carried out by the company.

1. Phased array satellite antenna systems  for fixed and mobile application
2. Electronic Switching tracking antennas for fix and mobile WiMax / WiBro applications
3. Base station sectarian antennas in millimeter wave (26Ghz) very small size for LMDS applications
4. Electronics sweeping-beam antenna system
5. MPA is part of consortium developing a state of the art solution for tracking and monitoring vital signs of homeland security fighters in an operation.
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